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Geospatial Engineering

Geospatial engineering is an important part of civil engineering construction projects. Engineering surveyors are involved in all phases of construction, providing mapping at design stage, controlling building position during construction and checking for movement by monitoring afterwards.



Computer-based measuring to map sites in assistance of design.


Producing updated plans at international, national and local scale.


Setting out a site so that structures are built to scale and in the right place.


Monitoring the construction process.





Providing control points so the future movement of structures, such as dams or bridges, can be monitored.

    Land and engineering surveying (checking setting out and measuring building position to ensure that construction takes place to the dimensions and tolerances required).

Hydrographic surveying (measuring and mapping all parts of the earth’s surface that are covered by water).


Photogrammetry and remote sensing (collecting data and information from photographs and aerial sensors without touching the objects being surveyed).


Geographical information systems - GIS (collecting and presenting geographical information).